It goes without saying that waste management services are valuable to customers not only because of the need for the basic service but also in terms of legal compliance.
Waste Warrior takes the following approach when designing a waste program and marketing the business:

Waste management plan

This would include the basic assessment of the waste generated within the business as well as possible streaming and minimisation opportunities.

Collection schedule

Reliable and robust collection service. We are able to provide a large range of bins and skips as well as a number of different compactors and lifters to meet any requirement.

Detailed reports

Waste Warrior provides a number of detailed reports that both highlight the waste collected as well as the waste minimisation effects within the business and its impact on the environment. This will become even more valuable to the client once carbon emission taxes become a reality.

Sorting @ Source

Sorting @ Source is one of the most important steps in facilitating a recycling operation. Based on the waste plan this will be implemented together with the necessary bins and infrastructure.


Education is key to every waste management plan. This will be designed and implemented within the business.

Recyclable material

All recyclable material will be fed back into the recycling process thereby reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Commercial / Retail Waste Management

The company has a significant asset base which includes a fleet of vehicles and other equipment such as waste receptacles and bulk waste containers that is specifically designed and built for the waste management industry. This enables Waste Warrior to offer a variety of services that can be tailor made to fit the specific requirements of individual clients.

  • 6,9 and 11m3 Skip services
  • 12,18 and 28m3 RoRo services
  • Recycling services
  • On site sorters


Waste Warrior offers a number of basic services on which client requirements are based upon. They include the following:


Commercial and Industrial bulk container services.

This service is rendered either by REL (rear end loader) compactor in the case of compactible waste (usually found at shopping centres) or in the form of a skip loader service for non-compactable waste typically found at industrial sites. Other non-compactible waste types can also be collected by using RoRo bins that come in various sizes to suit the requirement of the client.


Recycling services

Collection and transportation of pre-sorted recyclables are also done by using the RoRo type service and such loads are then transported to the relevant buyers of the recycled material. On site sorters can ensure that recyclable materials are separated from non-recyclables before it is transported to the various recyclers in the industry.


Comprehensive waste management plan and monthly reporting

This would include the basic assessment of the waste generated within the business as well as possible streaming and minimisation opportunities. Detailed monthly reporting on all waste management activities can be provided if required.

Frequency / Delivery of service

Daily collection / service schedules are prepared in advance and all drivers work according to the schedules provided. In the unlikely event where a service was not completed on the day (for whatever reason) it will be rescheduled to the top of the list for the following day. Services rendered are checked and balanced against the service schedules every day. All schedules will be prepared in accordance with the following arrangements:

Clients may have set collection services that as the description indicates is set for specific dates and times with pre-determined regularity.

Clients may also have a “call for” service which allows them to request a collection service as and when it becomes necessary. In this case a turn-around time of 24hrs is allowed as the request will be included into the workload at the time and it cannot be pre-determined what that work load might be at that time.

In addition to servicing the permanent containers there will also be requests to place “special” or ad-hoc containers for clients who do not have the need for a permanent container yet require a bulk container for the waste they are wanting to dispose of. These containers will be placed for a maximum of 3 days before being removed from site.


% Professional


% Solution Driven


% Customer Orientated


% Senior Management Involvement


Waste Warrior as the name suggests is a company that operates in the commercial/retail market segment of the waste industry in South Africa. Although the company was only established in January of 2016 it is built on the back of 15 years of waste management experience. In this time the waste management industry has evolved quite dramatically based on various economical, legislative and environmental challenges. Waste Warrior therefore decided to literally go back to basics and its purpose is to provide comprehensive customised waste management solutions by rendering reliable, predictable and sustainable services that are efficient and cost effective and represents value for money.

This fundamental approach has already made the Waste Warrior service offering a very desirable one that is utilised by some large organisations that include Heriot Properties, Chubb SA, ABI, Eqstra as well as some of the major event venues such as the Ticket Pro Dome (Randburg), Gallagher Estate, Stadium Management S.A (that includes the FNB Stadium) and the newly developed Kyalami Business Park and Conference Centre to name a few.

"I am very proud to say that these clients were retained within the company through not only delivering exceptional levels of service but also through maintaining valuable personal relationships with key role players in those organisations". The business is also well aligned with reputable suppliers and service providers that will ensure that all costs are kept to a minimum without comprising the standard of service received. This further allows us to be a market leader in terms of price in a very competitive market. This too is a benefit from managing long standing relationships that will ensure that Waste Warrior will remain a sustainable, profitable organisation that will continue to deliver the kind of service we believe each and every one of our clients deserve.

General Company Description

Waste Warrior is a privately owned company with Registration Number: 2015/452404/07.

One of the company’s biggest strengths at this point in time is the fact that it has such a solid platform to work from with an established client base that include large corporate clients with a well-balanced asset base and a very competent staff compliment. This has to be regarded as a major advantage compared to other businesses in this industry and provides the perfect foundation on which to build a very successful company.

The versatility of the vehicle fleet allow us to perform a wide variety of waste related services that enable us to customize solutions to the requirement of our clients. These services include various types of bulk container collection services such as 6m3 skip containers suitable for compactible as well as non-compactible waste and will be rendered either by a skip loading unit (in the case of non-compactible waste) or an REL (rear end loader) compactor in the case of compactible waste. Another type of service would be that of the RoRo (roll on roll off) container that is more suitable for clients that require a bigger type of container and also have the space on their premises to accommodate it.


"Our operational flexibility is undoubtedly one of our key strengths as it allows us to react to client demands at short notice which is a critical success factor especially in the highly competitive commercial sector".


The daily management of operations and general running of the business is handled by the majority shareholder and Managing Director of the company. This ensures the highest level of service and commitment to clients at all times and adds that “personal touch” to all business relationships.

Not only does he have in excess of 15 years-experience in the transport and logistics field but he was also the Commercial Director of the company from which Waste Warrior originated. The client base that has been secured in the new business is solely due to his relationships with his clients and this will continue to be the cornerstone of the growth and development of Waste Warrior as a company.

The rest of the operational team include qualified drivers and assistants as well as on-site sorters and supervisors that are based at various client premises including shopping centres and office parks. The full back office support including all the financial, HR, payroll and administrative functions are provided by the other shareholders of the company.

"Our relationships with our clients are the cornerstone of the growth and development of Waste Warrior as a company".